When you’re looking to create a flawless event with the energy right and the music on point, how do you know when to hire an MC or when just a DJ will do the trick?

Who to hire comes from your vision and party needs.

A DJ simply plays music. They will read the crowd and play your favorite party hits or set the mood with subtle background music. Party Excitement DJ’s have an endless arsenal of music to meet the needs of every event and are professionals at packing the dance floor. For those events with no announcements and no formalities, hiring only a DJ will fill the need.

But an MC brings more than music.

An MC uses the microphone to hype-up your crowd and direct the show, without taking attention away from the guest of honor or the main attraction. They bring direction, lead your guests’ attention to where it needs to be and highlight the moments worth remembering. Instead of standing behind the table spinning mixes or simply taking Grandma’s requests, an MC can be on the floor leading the crowd. An MC makes sure the guests are aware of what is happening next, where they need to be and what they need to be doing. They ensure a seamless flow for your event.

Party Excitement MC’s can bring anything from minimal announcements to becoming a personal hype-man in the center of the floor pumping up your crowd.

And if you’re afraid of an MC babbling on endlessly — or even the opposite, an MC not saying anything at all and you wonder what you paid for — rest assured that all Party Excitement MC’s are seasoned professionals. With years in the industry, they understand when to give direction and energize a crowd, as well as when to stand back and let the party take its own life.

For events such as weddings, bar and mitzvahs, galas, proms, and fundraisers, you almost always want an MC to accompany your DJ. Let Party Excitement lead an event that your guests will be raving about for years.

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