When you book your event with Party Excitement, you book an experience.

From the very first phone call, right up until the last minutes on the dance floor, the Party Excitement team works to ensure the whole process — both planning and party — surpasses expectations.

And one of the ways Party Excitement assures your high-quality experience above the competition is by bringing you to the Party Excitement Office.

The Party Excitement Office goes beyond desks and chairs and conference rooms. Instead, think adult playground.

By taking a walk through the office, you have the chance to test out your dance moves on our dance floor. You can take a trial-run in the latest Photo Booths and see just how classy they would look set up at your event. You can see our Casino Tables and Multicade games, or see how hilarious you will look in our Funky Chicken Hat party prize.

No picture in a brochure or detailed email can really measure up to trying everything in person. After playing, testing and trying, you’ll know very quickly what your party needs.

But beyond the ability to take a moment to play in the office and see everything we have to offer, most importantly the Party Excitement team invites you to join them face-to-face to build a relationship from day one.

As you plan an important milestone event in your family’s life or put together a party to thank your team of employees, Party Excitement understands the importance of every detail. We want to make sure your event unfolds perfectly. To build that comfortable bond, we know the best way to work with our clients is in-person.

We recommend having that first in-person meeting a year in advance of your event. Once you meet Brad, Adam and the whole team, you’ll feel at ease knowing that Party Excitement will guide you through your party planning and entertainment needs.  Party Excitement establishes that individual and personal connection with every client we work with.

And there’s always something new happening at the Party Excitement office! Whether we are building own custom lighted stages, a new DJ booth or light show, there’s always something new to see.

So even if you’ve worked with us before, you will not be disappointed by a second trip to the office. And if you haven’t stepped inside our doors just yet, come see what we are all about.

Meetings are by appointment only. Contact us at info@partyexcitement.com or call 978.535.3100.