Ever feel like your employees need a mid-week boost of energy? Forget free coffee or a catered lunch, show your office just how much you appreciate them by bringing in Party Excitement.

Because in addition to packing the dance floor at the favorite office-couple’s wedding and providing entertainment for your holiday party, Party Excitement can also be used for more low-key weekday events.

Depending on the size of your organization and the experience you want to create for your employees, Party Excitement will work with you to create the perfect package.

We can create two in-office scenarios for your employees to enjoy the entertainment Party Excitement has to offer. First, we can create an isolated party where the only focus is fun and amusement. Or, we can create a more passive setup, allowing employees to use our novelties on short breaks throughout the day.

For example, maybe you want to offer a casual Wednesday-morning-perk and set up some arcade or table games for your employees to enjoy for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Without distracting your whole team at once or completely destroying the work day, Party Excitement can set up the desired games for a few hours in the lobby of your office or in a conference room at the end of the hall.

Your employees can sneak away for a quick break, enjoy some games and fun, then head back to their workday more relaxed and productive.

Or maybe you want to shut down the whole office Thursday afternoon and turn your conference room into a party room. Between playing the perfect music, setting up casino tables or caricatures, and even including a photobooth for employees to snap silly photos of themselves, it is the perfect way to spice up the work week.

Nothing says “thanks for the hard work” quite like letting your employees play Mrs. Pacman or foosball on a workday.

And don’t forget about specialized branding. Party Excitement can brand just about everything we offer. See your logo on the side of the foosball table, cast your logo in lights around the room, customize party favors, or create a specialized backdrop or printout for your photos.

You dream it and name it, there’s a strong chance we can make it a reality for you and your team.

Don’t let the monotonous workweeks deplete the morale of your team. Find the perfect balance of work hard, play hard.