For the party-planner looking to step-up the decor or excitement at their event, stages are exactly what you need.

One of the most popular — and most fun — ways to use our stages is creating an extension of the dance floor. Your guests will love jumping up on stage as they party to their favorite songs. From the youngest guests enjoying the spotlight to men playing the air-guitar to an 80’s rock anthem, dancing on top of our stages brings out the kid in everyone. Stages give everyone the opportunity to let loose and stand out while they party on the dance floor.

And there is no particular location the stages have to be on the floor. We can place them at the front of the room with the DJ booth to mimic a performance stage, on the sides of the dance floor to frame your party space, or even right in the center of the dance floor. We work with you to create the perfect set-up for your event.

But in addition to enhancing the dance floor, our stages can be used for a number of different functions. Our stages can create a platform for the sweetheart table at a wedding to highlight the bride and groom. They can be used to elevate the bar or other pieces of furniture. The stages can become a long runway for a fashion show, or stand as a podium for a speaker’s presentation. They can be used to highlight certain decor and showcase a photo or item on display.

Whatever you want to be emphasized, our custom stages can make it happen. We have the ability to make the stages various heights to fit your specific needs and create the space you envision.

Often times we hear people say they have “no room” for stages and they’re concerned about the size of their event space. However, adding stages does not cause you to lose any space you currently have; you simply raise the height of your space. We promise to configure the stages to complement and augment your space, not crowd your guests.

And as far as aesthetics go, our stages are the best you’ll see. Our white, translucent stages bring a sleek look to every event. We color-control every set-up, giving you the option to choose from every shade of the rainbow.  The colors can match the decor and uplighting of your room for a cohesive look. The stages can stay one color, alternate colors, or scroll through a multi-color scheme. You can even pick the timing of the color change, fast or slow.

We have so many great options. Please check out our  Stages page on our website for more information.