Contest Descriptions

Contest Descriptions

Solo Competition: Every person for themselves
Partners: Teams of 2
Team Building: Teams of 3 or more
Kids: Content is geared towards kids
Kids and Adults: Involves kids having adult partner
All Ages: Contest is likely to involve all ages

Coke & Pepsi

This contest requires teams of two people working together to remember various commands. The most basic part is that one side is the “Coke” side and the other is “Pepsi.” When the Coke command is given, the Coke side runs to the Pepsi side. When the Pepsi command is given, the Pepsi side runs to the Coke side. Various other commands are given to memorize. The last team to complete the task of the command is out.

(Partners ; Kids)

Odd Person Out

Everyone starts in one large group on the dancefloor, but when a number is called out, everyone must work together to quickly get into groups of that number. If your group has too many or too few people, then your group is out.

(Team Building Contest ; Kids)

Hula Hoop

Compete against others while you try to keep the hula hoop around your waist. Each round will become more difficult than the last.

(Solo Competition ; All Ages)

Freeze Dance

When the music is playing you need to be moving and dancing. When the music stops you must freeze in place.

(Solo Competition/Partners ; All Ages)

Musical Chairs

Classic game of walking in front of chairs while the music is playing until the music stops. When the music stops you must find a seat. If all of the seats are taken before you sit, then you are out.

(Solo Competition ; All Ages)

Musical Chairs with Adults

Teams of 3 are created, but one person on the team must be an adult. The adult you choose represents you in the game of musical chairs. If your adult teammate wins, then you and your partner win a prize.

(Partners ; Kids and Adult)


We have various types of trivia choices

Guest(s) of Honor Trivia – Your guests answer questions about the GOH
TV & Movie Trivia – Hear a clip and guess what it is from
Music Trivia – Name that tune or singer

(Solo Competition ; All Ages)

Mummy Wrap

Teams of a few people are created for one person to become “the mummy.” The mummy is wrapped in tissue paper and decorated by the rest of the team. You compete against all of the other teams to make your mummy stand out.

(Team Building ; Kids and Adults)

Stuff it!

Teams are created to compete against one another as one person per team puts on a gigantic 8XL t-shirt while teammates try to fill the t-shirt with as many balloons as possible.

(Team Building ; Kids and Adults)

Musical People

Rather than sitting on a chair when the music stops, you need to quickly find your partner and use them as your chair.

(Partners ; Kids)


Try to lean back as you walk under the limbo pole without touching the pole with any part of your body. Each time everyone goes under the limbo pole, we lower it a little bit to add difficulty.

(Solo Competition ; All Ages)

Pass the Hula Hoop

Everyone gets into one large circle and holds hands to make the circle connect. We place hula hoops in between some of the people in the circle. While the music is playing everyone needs to move the hula hoop to the next person without disconnecting the circle (letting go of the hands of the people you are connected with). When the music stops, whoever the hula hoop is on at that time is called out.

(Team Building ; All Ages)


This relay race contest is between 3-4 teams who need to come up with as many answers as possible within 1 minute of time to a given question. Teams line up on one side of the dance floor and race down to the other end of the floor to write their answers on a dry erase board.

(Team Building)

4-Way Tug of War

Although classic tug of war is about strength, this version is more about skill. Four people go head-to-head while using only one hand each to try to pull their opponents out of the area they are standing.

(Solo Competition ; Kids)


This is a relay race to stack 21 cups into a pyramid. Two teams compete against each other for a best 2 out of 3 wins.

(Team Building ; Kids)


Time is ticking during this scavenger hunt contest to find various items in the room. If you are one of the last people back to the dance floor with the item, you are eliminated from the contest.

(Solo Competition ; Kids and Adults)

4 Corners

Every dance floor has 4 corners and we use them in this fast paced contest. We number each corner 1 to 4. As the DJ plays some upbeat music, everyone involved walks in a giant circle in the middle. When the music stops (abruptly) everyone must quickly choose a corner of the dance floor. Once everyone is in a corner we choose a number out of a hat and whoever is in the corner of the number pulled is out.

(Team Building ; All Ages)

Bubble Wrap

The entire dance floor or at least most of it is covered in bubble wrap. Party-goers then stand next to the bubble wrap, on the edge of the dance floor. When the DJ plays music, everyone needs to jump on the bubble wrap, but when the music stops, if you are still standing on the bubbles, then you are called out.

*This contest requires client to purchase bubble wrap, ask for details.

(Team Building ; All Ages)

Dance Contest

There are SO many great songs that can be played at a party, but unfortunately there isn’t time for them all. Doing our famous “Dance Contest” we will hand out prizes to guests as they adjust their moves to the music. However, the songs are being changed constantly to keep everyone on their toes! This is a great way to play a lot of requests in a short amount of time.


So you think you can dance? Well, even if you can’t you’ll look like you can with a dance off. We will split the crowd into a couple groups and have one of our dancers helping the group come up with a routine that should be fun and funny all at once.

Freeze Dance

When the music is playing, you need to be moving and dancing. When the music stops, you must freeze in place.

All of the slow dance options listed below are intended to get everyone dancing to prevent anyone feeling “left out.”

Snowball Dance

All teens are in a circle on the dance floor. We generally start with 1 or 2 “couples” who can be chosen by the guest of honor or by the emcee. A slow song is played and these couples dance for roughly 10 seconds. The emcee then says, “Snowball” and that means each person currently dancing invites a new person to dance with them. This process repeats throughout the entire song.

Westside Story Dance

The guys create an inside circle. The ladies create an outside circle around the guys. Our DJ plays some upbeat music. Each circle is walking in opposite directions to the music until the music stops. When the music stops, the guys face out and the girls face inwards. Whoever is facing you is your dance partner to a slow song for about 30 seconds. Then repeat.

Cinderella Dance

The ladies put each put one shoe in a pile on the dance floor while the guys face away. When the emcee gives the cue, the guys will turn around and grab a shoe. Whoever the shoe belongs to is who dances together to a slow song.