Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help us coordinate our events?

When you hire Party Excitement, you get more than just entertainment; you get a full event-planning service. We will plan all of the details with you and coordinate everything with your other vendors.

Will the DJ be properly dressed for my Event?

Yes, we are always dressed professionally and would be happy to coordinate to your theme or color scheme (Ex: Sports, Luau, or Formal Attire).

What time will the DJ arrive at my event?

Depending on the size of your setup we typically arrive at least 1 hour prior to the event.

Will Party Excitement need anything from the hall?

We will need at least two tables and proper electrical supply. We understand that space can sometimes be an issue, so if you are tight on space, please let us know.

Do you need anything from us at the party?

Just come ready to have fun. During the months leading up to your event, our office staff will help you plan every detail. We are always only a phone call or email away!

Do you take requests?

Yes! The most common thing we hear from people who attend other parties is, “The DJ did not play our requests!” Party Excitement will play your requests and take requests from your guests throughout your party. In addition, we will be aware of your do-not-play list and any inappropriate music.

Do you offer more than just DJ/Entertainment services?

Absolutely, we offer party favors and prizes, personalized items, light shows, glow shows, casinos, video parties, themed décor, caricature artists, airbrush artists, digital photo favors, a wide variety of live entertainers, musicians and much more.

Will the DJ do more than just play music?

Absolutely! We interact with your crowd through a variety of games and interactive dances. Our staff is always aware of the activities on the dancefloor and we make sure everything is appropriate. We do not allow moshing, crowd-surfing, grinding or any improper behavior.

Do you offer event-planning counseling?

We know the stress level can be high, so please do not hesitate to call us if you need to be reminded that “everything is going to be great.”