The largest thing in the room should be the most impressive. Although you can get by with a regular wooden dance floor, why not step things up with one of our dance floor options? We offer beautiful matte finish black and white dance floors that can be set up as one color or a creative mixed design. All dance floor sizes are configured in 4 foot increments, then you add 6 inches to each side for the low-profile edging.

If you’re looking to be truly unique, we offer custom floor graphic decals that we place on the dance floor panels in various sizes. Please contact us for more details.

Here are some guides to help you configure what size dance floor would be right for your crowd. 

  • 16×16  | 50 or less
  • 20×20 | 50 – 150
  • 24×24 | 125 – 225
  • 28×28 | 175 – 300+

If you are looking for a “Next Level” Dance Floor then check out our LED Dance Floor!

  • Sizes up to 26×26
  • Fully customizable from designs to colors
  • Custom text can be added