Our Party Rock enhancement is one of the hottest trends in entertainment today. Party Rock combines the sounds of DJ Entertainment with live musicians to create a sound that is truly remarkable.

Our DJs are all skilled in the art of beat mixing. They blend the very best in party hits and music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today to create a party that appeals to all of your guests. Now imagine that sound with an interactive percussionist, drummer or saxophone player playing along side. This is a truly special sound that will get all of your guests on the dance floor partying!

Current Party Rock packages let you choose drummers, percussionists or saxophone players to play alongside our talented DJ’s. This is the perfect addition to any bar mitzvah, wedding, or sweet 16 event.

You don’t have to decide between a band and a DJ for your event, Party Rock gives you the ability to have both but with a sound that is so unique, all of your guests will be in awe!