Custom Backdrops such as our beautiful step and repeats really help take the décor of your party to the next level. You can use your own logos or have one of our designers work with you to design the logos that best express your style and the feel you want for your party.

Your guests will definitely say “WOW” when they walk by your custom created step and repeat banner.

Model your banner like:

  • Red Carpet Hollywood Premiers
  • VIP Parties
  • Sports Conferences
  • Political Speeches

If you are looking for other creative ways to incorporate your step and repeat, ask about our open-air photo booth or paparazzi station with step and repeat banner. Many of our step and repeat set ups include rope and stanchion rental as well as carpet rental that complements the colors in your step and repeat.

These banners start at 8′x8′ but can be customized to fit any size room!