Staff Descriptions

Master Of Ceremonies (MC)

The role of the MC is to be the person on the microphone who keeps the energy at the right level for your event. Whether it is coordinating and announcing formalities, pumping up the crowd, running contests, or leading interactive dances, the MC is there to create the proper atmosphere.

Disc Jockey (DJ)

The DJ is the person who selects and plays the music. They are “behind the table” making the decisions that impact the flow of the dance floor. Our DJs are all professionals with many years of experience in beat-mixing and some have worked in the hottest night clubs around the country.

Party Enhancer (PE)

A Party Enhancer helps with countless aspects of the party such as assisting the MC, handing out favors, making sure kids are wherever they are supposed to be, and coordinating things behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Our professional dancers interact with the crowd using their out-going personalities. Dancers help keep the energy level high by leading interactive dances, teaching the newest dance trends, and interacting with the crowd during formalities such as grand entrances, candle lightings, and contests.

Note: Anytime there are 40 or more kids, it is recommended to have at least two dancers at your event and an additional dancer for every 20 kids after that.


If you are looking to add that extra “wow” factor to your event, bring in the Party Excitement break-dancers. In addition to amazing your crowd with their break-dancing they will also teach the crowd some of their easier moves.

Video Jockey (VJ)

When you are looking beyond just impressing your crowd with audio, try adding a VJ to add the perfect visuals. A VJ plays music videos, ambient video, and live crowd feed where your guests can see themselves up on the big screens!